Meet the Designer

"I have been working as a fashion and textile designer for over 12 years and the last 3 years for Sirens. I love working on the Sirens collections as I think our customer is very adventurous, she loves to try different prints and colours within our flattering swim silhouettes.

I grew up in coastal NSW (Australia) and was always at the beach, now I take my two children often to the pool and beach so swimming is and has always been a massive part of my life. I love and respect what Sirens Swimwear does for body confidence and this is such an inspiration in the design process.

I think good design comes from well research original concepts which always considers the end purpose of the product and customer. For fashion, good design must be well made and make the wearer feel and look great.

Each season I will create a series of concept boards which helps inspire and inform Sirens  Swimwear's design direction for the next collection. This involves researching what is happening in our Sirens world, we look at art exhibitions, fashion trends, florists, photography, films, blogs, editorials, street style and our very own customer reviews and recommendation...

Meet the Designer Prints 1

We will always reference Siren’s vintage and retro heritage and this season we looked at a mix between a few different Sirens’ personalities.

We have our ‘Retro Wallflowers’ inspired from what our Grandma would have adorned her parlour room with. A bright and colourful mix of hand drawn floral motifs.

We took a spin on the ever popular ‘Bohemian Bouquet’ and created a light and airy feeling with our Sky Bouquet inspired from freshly cut roses floating on the Riviera.

Meet the designer prints 2

With our swimwear, we always love to look at something tropical and this season we explored the ‘Jungle Vibe’ with a classic black animal print and a paradise of birds. Looking at sunsets and tropical foliage for colours and patterns.

And last but not least our Sirens’ ladies always ask for more spots and stripes. This season we loved the mix of bright and pastel colours to create a splash of sundae inspired stripes and spots. Who doesn’t enjoy a colourful Sundae on a hot lazy beach day?"
- Kellie Mobbs