Try@Home Service

Pick your Top 3. Keep your Favourites. Send the rest back!

How Exactly Does it Work?

Pick your top 3

Pick 3 swimsuits online that you would like to try at home!

We’ll let them know they’ve been selected and are in the running to win your heart.

Then our warehouse Sirens will have them on their merry way to you in 1-2 business days.

Keep your favourites

Try them on at home and find your swimsuit soulmate!

No need to rush it, phone in a friend, mull it over with a glass of wine, think about the kind of future you see in your dream swimsuit you’ve got 5 days to pick your match!

Send the rest back

Once you've chosen your favourites, hold the final rose ceremony and break the news to the unsuccessful candidates gently, then pop them in the mail back to us. We’ll include a prepaid return label for their trip home.

Don't worry about these cossies - they still have bright futures ahead of them in reality TV & breakfast radio!

And voila – you’ve found your swimsuit soulmate!